Introduction to thermodynamic state variables and equation of state
The branch of physics in which we deals about the heat exchange by the gas or the temperature of the system of the gas etc is known as thermodynamics. Thermodynamics also meant that the flow of heat from one body to another body or the transfer of heat. There are some parameters which can completely define the system (means the gas enclosed in the cylinder fitted with the frictionless piston) are called pregnant halloween costumes the thermodynamic variables. The relation, which is used halloween costumes to describe that particular state or find the unknown thermodynamic variable, is called the equation of state. Definition for Thermodynamic State Variables and Equation of State Thermodynamic state variables
The thermodynamic state variables are pressure (P), volume (V), temperature (T), internal energy (U) and the entropy (S). All of the thermodynamic variables are representing in the terms of pressure, volume and temperature. For the different types of the processes, the different thermodynamic variables are constant. For example, in the isothermal process the temperature of the gas remains constant, in the isobaric process the pressure of the gas remains constant, in the isochoric process the volume of the gas reamins constant etc.
Equation of state
There is a relation between the thermodynamic variables for a system is called the equation of state. pirate halloween costume The equation of state is completely defined in terms of pressure, volume and temperature. For example, for the ideal gas the thermodynamic equation is PV = RT, for the isothermal process the equation of the state is PV = constant or
P1 V1 = P2 V2, for the adiabatic process, the equation of the state is PVg = constant or TVg-1 = constant or Pg-1T-g = constant. Example Based on Thermodynamic State Variables and Equation of State
A litre of hydrogen gas at 127ˇăC and the pressure is 106 N/m2. The gas expands isothermally so that the volume of the gas is doubled. Find the new pressure of the gas.
Here, P1 = 106 N/m2, V1 = 1 litre, V2 = 2 litre and P2 = ?
We use the equation of state of the isothermal process
P1 V1 = P2 V2
106 ˇÁ 1 = P2 ˇÁ 2
P2 = 106 / 2 = 5 ˇÁ 105 N/m2
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